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As Camp Pawmark continues to grow our instructors strive to develop new training and teaching methods to help you succeed in your goal of that elusive CT or TCh title.

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Ed Presnall
Ed, has been involved in purebred dogs since 1972. He is the author of Component TrainingTM for TDX, Mastering Variable Surface Tracking: The Component TrainingTM Approach and 8 other books, creator of the Component TrainingTM method, founder of Camp Pawmark, The Ultimate Tracking ExperienceTM, and tracking judge for all levels.

Debbie Maheu
Debbie has been involved in the sport of purebred dogs since 1980. Her first purebred dog was an American Cocker Spaniel. Debbie started tracking with a English Springer Spaniel and has acheived numerous TD, TDU and TDX titles on her dogs. She started teaching workshops and Camps in 2008. She is a AKC Tracking Judge for TD & TDU.

Moe Foley
Maureen (Moe) has been involved in the sport of purebred dogs since 1975. Her first purebred dog was a Rough Collie, but she obtained her first Belgian Tervuren in 1978. Maureen and her Belgian Tervuren began tracking in 1979. This dog went on to become AKC/CKC CH, Can OTCh StarBright Bacho Noire Am/Can UD TDX; the first Belgian Tervuren bitch to obtain the TDX title. She is a AKC Emeritas Tracking Judge at all levels.

Mike Roehrs
Mike has been training and showing dogs in AKC events since 1983. While competing in tracking since 2000, he has put 5 TD's, 5 TDX's, 3 VST's and 3 CT's on his Field Spaniels. To pay for his "dog habit," Mike works as a Clinical Social Worker in Private Practice, specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy and working with individuals with chronic and terminal medical conditions. He is a AKC Tracking Judge for TD, TDU and TDX.

Carolyn Fuhrer
Carolyn has over 75 AKC titles on her dogs, including 7 TDX titles and two Champion Tracker titles. She has trained with the top trainers in the USA in all the venues in which she has competed with her Golden Retrievers. She is a member of the National Association of Obedience Instructors (NADOI) and a Certified White Mountain (Julie Daniels) Agility Instructor. Carolyn has attended multiple Camp Pawmark camps and is well prepared to assist you in your goal of a CT with your dog.

Pat Solkshinitz
Pat has been involved in dog sports most of her life. She is a former Alberta Canada Tracking Representative for the Canadia Kennel Club and has earned numerous obedience, agility and rally titles on her dogs along with three TCh (Tracking Champions) on her Weimaraners.

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